Little Winks / Ojitos Pequeños

Written & illustrated by Pamela Focá

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Little Winks/Ojitos Pequeños

"Little Winks" are also known as "Ojitos Pequeños", and are the musings of Pamela Focá. After graduating from the High School of Art & Design, Pam attended CityTech College. It was there, in-between classes, she would sketch cartoon characters of Lou and herself in the margins of her notebooks depicting highlights from the classes they attended. She used these characters as a memory tool (and to breathe life into some less interesting subjects).
Later on, she developed other characters based on family and friends, which Lou fondly named "Ojitos Pequeños", because he noticed she would always draw one eye smaller than the other for each of her characters. In Spanish, "ojito pequeño" means "little eye" an idiom for the word "wink" in English. Pam liked the name and copyrighted her characters under both titles.
As time moved on, as it always does, with a new job, moving, and eventually the next generation of Little Winks being born, her characters were placed on the shelf. Each year the thought of publishing a book haunted her, and each year, the shelf was covered with a new layer of dust.
As technology progressed a door that never existed before was now opened. This website is a leap of faith to finally share the heartwarming story of the "Little Winks" characters to an audience as big as the world.